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Learning GraphQL: declarative data fetching for modern web apps
Learning GraphQL: declarative data fetching for modern web apps
Autor/-in: Porcello, Eve
Autor/-in: Banks, Alex
Erscheinungsjahr: 2018
Signatur: IT 250 / 319
Medienklasse: Buch
Verlag: Beijing;Boston;Farnham;Sebastopol;Tokyo: O'Reilly
ISBN: 1-4920-3071-6
185 Seiten
Why is GraphQL the most innovative technology for fetching data since Ajax? By providing a query language for your APIs and a runtime for fulfilling queries with your data, GraphQL presents a clear alternative to REST and ad hoc web service architectures. With this practical guide, Alex Banks and Eve Porcello deliver a clear learning path for frontend web developers, backend engineers, and project and product managers looking to get started with GraphQL. You’ll explore graph theory, the graph data structure, and GraphQL types before learning hands-on how to build a schema for a photo-sharing application. This book also introduces you to Apollo Client, a popular framework you can use to connect GraphQL to your user interface. Explore graph theory and review popular graph examples in use today Learn how GraphQL applies database querying methods to the internet Create a schema for a PhotoShare application that serves as a roadmap and a contract between the frontend and backend teams Use JavaScript to build a fully functioning GraphQL service and Apollo to implement a client Learn how to prepare GraphQL APIs and clients for production





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